Data-Level Security and Compliance

No-Code Compliance


SylLab Systems is providing embedded compliance for enterprise data security. Privacy compliance and cybersecurity are expensive and difficult to implement, and many organizations get it wrong. Changes in the architecture, lawyers, consultants are a significant expenditure when facing privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, PDPA, CCPA). Request a demo to learn more.

Audit and Risk Management, Data Privacy Requests, Data Governance, Incident Response required by CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA are expensive for enterprises with a vast cloud and on-prem network. Save on expensive DSAR processing and automate the entire process.

Continuous Compliance

HIPAA and risk management are detached – the organizations have limited insights into audit readiness. SylLab solves the problem of manual and lengthy processes to stay compliant.

Audit Based on the OCR Protocol

Federal publications embedded in the auditing process

Risk Calculator

Security Risk Assessment included in the audit process – evaluate audit readiness and analyze the gaps

Dynamic Reporting & Agile Methodology

Organize and assign tasks, change status, and a reviewer. Generate advance risk assessment reports and use agile methods to fill the compliance gaps.

Post-quantum security

Hardware (IoT)

Low-memory and processing power devices, sensors, connected devices

Critical Infrastructure

Energy and Utilities


Banking, Insurance, Funds


Pharma, Healthcare Providers

Post-quantum security

We enable our clients to stay ahead of the quantum threats and transition their security infrastructure to post-quantum. Our goal is to implement post-quantum security that should provide ~70% savings on computation costs.

Post-Quantum SDK

The cryptographic library is used as a building block to build and deploy new applications and systems deployed on the client-side
Ongoing support to integrate SDK with clients' existing and new applications

SylLab PQ Cryptographic Library

Lightweight post-quantum cryptographic suite for embedded devices and firmware
A high degree of configuration and SylLab ongoing support with integration

Encryption Gateway for On-prem or Cloud

Post-Quantum gateway protecting sensors' data on-prem/cloud Configuration tailored to customer’s environment