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SylLab Systems – embedded compliance for enterprise data security

SylLab Systems, proudly based in Manassas, VA, was founded by cryptography and privacy enthusiasts.

SylLab Systems, Inc. is venture-backed by the Center for Innovative Technology (VIPC), VentureScope, Marl5G, and Mach37 Fall 19′ Alumni. SylLab is the Ignite Grant Winner awarded as a high-growth company with deep technology roots. Compliance and cybersecurity are areas where we thrive and help our clients.

We care about data-level encryption, post-quantum security, and compliance.

Bart Slowik

Founder and CEO

Bart Slowik, a technologist and entrepreneur started his first privacy-tech company at the age of 22 from his college bedroom, building a first air-gapped data bank prototype as a service. Bartosz worked at Thomson Reuters in Customer Access Management and a consultancy focused on growing companies from 0 to 1. He built and recruited technical and project teams for VC- backed start-ups. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University and a professional certificate from MIT in Cybersecurity.  He enjoys playing chess and hiking.    


Applied Cryptographer

Ramses is a Mathematician with hands-on experience in Applied Cryptography. He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Swansea University in the United Kingdom. He focuses on algebraic topology and geometry in his research area, which is fundamental for Lattice-based cryptography. Since 2016 Ramses has been working at a research institute in Barcelona, Spain. He has led numerous projects focused on the early adoption and implementation of quantum-resistant technologies.

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