Risk Of Losing Cyber Insurance With No Backup – In Case Of A Data Breach, Your Organization Will Be Liable.

What Is Cyber Insurance? 

Cybersecurity insurance alleviates losses from many cyber incidents such as business, data breaches, and network damage. Robust cybersecurity insurance can help in reducing the variety of cyberattacks by:

  1. Promoting the adoption of precautionary measures in return for more coverage.
  2. Supporting the implementation of good practices by basing premiums on the self-protection level of an insured.

Many businesses go without available policies because of the high cost of those policies and confusion about what they cover, and as a result, their business suffers from cyberattacks. In recent years, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) has drawn the attention of stakeholders to address this emerging cyber risk area. There is an update regarding the cyber insurance market and cyber insurance trends and surveys that the cyber insurance demand has increased in recent years and will continue to grow further in the future.

What Are The Cyber Insurance Benefits?

Most traditional policies do not cover the cost of breach notifications, but cost coverage of lost data is at the top of the list of cyber insurance benefits. So here we are sharing some cyber insurance benefits with you that involve:

  • Legal penalties and fines.
  • Liability coverage for data loss and data breaches.
  • Regulatory fines.
  • Costs to meet the loss of a data breach

Limitations Of Cyber Insurance Policy

  1. Coverage Limits

Cybersecurity insurance may differ. For example, some data breaches can be caused by third-party service providers, while some data breaches cannot happen by the first owner. For example, if you belong to a healthcare business, you are most probably responsible for protecting your data by yourself. However, cybersecurity does not cover the data breaches caused by third parties.

  1. Limited Choice

If you are insured, then your cybersecurity will limit your response to a data breach or security. It will also restrict the choice of third vendors. Most businesses prefer to work with those vendors who are already in a relationship with them. However, your policy will compel you to work with the approved vendors. These limitations might affect the quality of your response to security or data breaches. For example, if you are into a foreign call center to deal with a data breach, your response quality will be automatically declined.

  1. Cannot Remove The Importance Of Data Protection

Cyber risk insurance is unable to replace the significance of data protection. You are still responsible for protecting the data of your business. To protect your data, you have to consider cybersecurity measures because data protection is essential than cyber insurance. You need to assess the privacy and security risks regularly. This way, you will be capable of finding all the security gaps occurring in your network. It is also essential that your IT department focuses on Incident Response Plans. This strategy is going to help you to deal with a security breach. Thus, your response plan must be practical and co-efficient. This way, you will be able to develop the necessary guidelines to deal with data breach incidents.

Why Is Backup Important?

A business may suffer a fatal hack attack after being attacked through vulnerability, and hackers instantly control their backups, data, and even their offsite backups. Then hackers demand a hefty ransom to release all their data and files. Sometimes hackers also create backup logins and completely infiltrate the hacked system with little resolution. And after the hack, sometimes it is impossible to reverse the damage to the hacked business.

But the question is, what should you do to protect your business? Do not worry; there are ways to protect your business data from hacking, surpassing standard site security audits and tools.

Just like automobile insurance which provides recoup costs of automobiles to drivers in the case of any damage or loss, accident, in the same way, cybersecurity insurance protects companies. In addition, it helps in restoring their assets when the business goes through a hacking incident or any other disaster.

The right Cybersecurity Insurance may help you recoup the financial damages associated with equipment failure, data loss, and backup restoration and allow you to continue your business.

How Can Syllab Help?

SylLab can help you in providing a robust and compliant backup with easy-to-use plugins. Businesses need a routine data backup to protect themselves from attackers. Nowadays, ransomware attacks are becoming more common; after every 1 minute, devastating cyberattacks occur to damage the business. No backup means you are taking a risk to lose and expose your business to attackers. If your company gets hacked by ransomware attackers, you are near to losing your data, so it is mandatory to work on a backup strategy. You can quickly mitigate these risks and damages with affordable and easy-to-use solutions.

Our skilled team built a plugin that helps to back up your data routinely. Enjoy the peace of your mind by setting it up once and link your website to SylLab and ensure that your website is all safe and secure. We have free and paid versions, both are fully functional, and you can restore your data anytime and anywhere.

All paid versions include:

  • Downloads backup archives directly from your WordPress and SylLab Vault dashboard
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Split your WordPress website into multiple archives
  • Upload and download individual files with SylLab Vault
  • SaaS interface
  • Login and link directly through WordPress to SylLab remote storage
  • The plugin supportable on all current versions of PHP

Our basic paid version offers:

* 100 MB of storage
* Dashboard logs

Our premium paid version offers:

* 500 MB of storage
* Dashboard logs

While considering the cyber insurance benefits, you can find more relevant information on our website if you have decided to go for that.

In recent years data breaches have become more common and complex that may cause a massive loss to your business. To deal with all the security issues, you must have backup and cybersecurity insurance. Cybersecurity insurance is not the same as traditional insurance who ignore cyber risks; it is different in that it helps you deal with the costs of the data breaches if any incident occurs. But make sure that getting cyber insurance benefits is your last resort, and first, you must focus on protecting your assets or data. It is essential to make sure that your network is unreachable from attackers and is highly protected. Moreover, your IT team must have to work on a damage response plan. This way, it will be easier for you to deal with data breach incidents.